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The blades found here are the blades that you normally see anywhere on the market.  Standard angles and cutting tip materials.  For cutting standard vinyl, heat press materials, occasional perf cutting, and standard window films.

25 and 30° are recommended for window tint, thin and stretchy heat press materials, and large lettering (3/4"+) in standard vinyl.

45° The normal all around blade for cutting down to 3/8" letters in vinyl to 10 mi and everyday heat press vinyl.

60° use this blade for harder to cut material (paper, sand blast mask, laminates)  and small detailed cutting down        to 1/8".

45L an 60L are designed for the hobby machines with a fixed holder with changeable tips (Cricut, KnK ).

If you are having wear issues or cutting issues take a look at the specialty blades that we manufacture...

Blades for metalized vinyl, holgraphic, magnets, pro window tint, motorcycle graphics laminate, and more.